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Pneumatic Products

80/20 Aladco Alkon Allied Witan

80 20 aluminum extrusion 80/20

T-slotted Aluminum Extrusion 

Aladco Aladco

Pilot-operated Check Valves


Fittings, Valves & Flow Controls

Allied Witan Allied Witan

Noise-control Exhaust Muffler

Alumi-Tec Anver B-D Cylinder Bimba

AlumiTec AlumiTec Products

Aluminum manifolds for pneumatic and hydraulic applications

Anver Anver

Vacuum Cups and Vacuum Lifting Systems

B D Cylinders B-D Cylinder

Rod End Couplers-Alignment Couplers-Spherical Rod Accessories-Clevis Brackets-Trunnion Mounts-Clevis Pins-Detachable Mounts

Bimba cylinders Bimba

Original Line Stainless Cylinders, Flat, Double Walls, Linear Thrusters, Rotary Actuators, TRD-NFPA Cylinders
Camozzi Colder Products Control Air Enidine

Camozzi Camozzi products

Pneumatic Mechanical & Manually Operated Valves, Solenoid Valves, Air Preparation & Actuators

Colder Products Colder Products

Quick Couplings and Fittings for Plastic Tubing Subminiature, Twin Tube, Multiple Mounts

ControlAir Control Air

Precision Regulators, Diaphram Air Cylinders, Transducers

enidine Enidine

Industrial Shock Absorbers, Wire Rope Isolators, Compact Rope Isolation

Foster FreelinWade Gast Generant

Foster Foster

Quick-connect Couplings Steel, Brass and Stainless Steel

Freelin Wade

Polyurethane, Nylon and Polyethylene Tubing 


Compressors and Vacuum Pumps, Regenerative Blowers, Air Motors, Vacuum Generators

Generant Generant

Relief Valves, Check Valves and Needle Valves

John Guest Lexair MAC Monnier

John Guest John Guest

All-plastic Push-in Fittings and Valves for Water

Lexair Lexair

High-pressure Valves

Manual Valves


Solenoid and Manual Air Valves Manifold and Subbase Mounted Proportional Pressure Control

Monnier Monnier

Filters and related products for pneumatic tools and equipment
Parker Skinner Valves PHD Pisco Pneumadyne

Skinner Valves

Solenoid Valves Control Motion, Flow and Pressure 


Cylinders — Tom Thumb, CV and ISO Rotary Actuators Slides, Grippers and Clamps Escapements Multi-motion Actuators 

Pisco Pisco

Plastic Tubing Push-in Fittings, Rotary Unions, Miniature Vacuum Generators, Miniature Flow and Pressure Control Valves, Low-cost T Fittings 

Pneumadyne Pneumadyne

Miniature Brass Fittings and Valves
RuB Tolomatic Turn-Act Twintec


Shut-off brass valves, ball valves for gas, water, air, oil installations

Tolomatic Tolomatic

Electric Linear Actuators, Electric Cylinders, Rodless Electro-Mechanical Actuators, Electric Rod Actuators,Pneumatic Actuators

TurnAct Turnact

Rotary Vane-type Actuators Multiple-motion Actuators
Trantorque Couplers Guided Rod Cylinder

Twintec logo

Multi-Tube Connectors


Vaccon Vi-Cas Watts Wilkerson

Vaccon Vaccon

Venturi vacuum pumps, material conveying pumps

Vi-Cas logo Vi-Cas products

Specializing in vacuum cups and accessories

Watts air preparation Watts

Filters, Regulators, Lubricators Coalescing Filters, Relief Valves, Air Logic


Filters, Regulators, Lubricators, Coalescing Filters, Relief Valves, Air Logic, Soft Start Valves