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Oriental Motor

Oriental Motor offers motion control products available, ranging from compact AC gearmotors, stepping motor systems, brushless speed control systems, linear and rotary actuators providing linear and rotational motion. Oriental Motor home page Oriental Motor U.S.A. Corp. offers over 5,000 different products to meet your diverse requirements.  They supply the highest quality and widest selection of motion control products available, ranging from compact AC gearmotors and stepping motor systems, to brushless speed control systems, to linear and rotary actuators providing linear and rotational motion. A full line of cooling fans is also included in Oriental Motor’s wide range of products.

Stepping Motors & DrivesOriental Motor Stepping motors & Drivers Stepping Motors

Stepping Motors enable accurate positioning with ease.  They are used in various types of equipment for accurate rotation angle and speed control using pulse signals.  Stepping motor solutions consist of a driver which takes in a pulse signal and converts them to motor motion, and a stepper motor.

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Brushless MotorsOriental Motor Brushless Motors Brushless Motors

Brushless motor systems provide energy savings.  Since the efficiency is higher than for an inverter driven three-phase motor, the electricity consumption is greatly reduced.  AC motors and AC speed control packages are very simple to use.

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Servo Motor & Driver Oriental Motor AlphaStep Servo motor & Drive AlphaStep

AlphaStep is Oriental Motor's original closed loop control technology which maintains positioning operation even during abrupt load fluctuations and accelerations. The rotor position detection sensor monitors the rotation. When an overload condition is detected, the AR Series will instantaneously regain control using the closed loop mode. When an overload condition continues the AR Series will output an alarm signal, thereby providing reliability equal to that of a servo motor.

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AC MotorsOriental Motor AC motors and inductin motors AC Motors

AC Motors are used generally as a power source for automated equipment.  These motors can be operated easily by connecting the motors directly to an AC power supply.  Oriental Motor offers standard AC motors incorporating various operating functions.  A standard AC motor supports various applications by using with a brake pack or speed control circuit product, and combining with other mechanical components such as a gearhead or linear head.

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Linear and Rotary ActuatorsOriental MOtor Linear and Rotary Actuators Linear actuators

Oriental Motor has various Linear and Rotary Actuators consisting of a motor assembled with the necessary mechanical components to meet the various needs of automated equipment including; motorized cylinders, motorized linear slides, compact linear actuators and hollow rotary actuators.

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Cooling FansOriental Motor Cooling Fans Cooloing Fans

Oriental Motor offers a wide range Cooling Fan products to meet today’s requirements for advanced cooling systems.  Their cross flow fans deliver a wide, uniform air flow while the centrifugal blowers are optimal for spot cooling and for air flow through a duct, which provides directional air flow by maximizing static pressure.  Oriental Motor offers a wide range of air flow fans from large air flow, high static pressure series to compact AC or DC input series to 100,000 hour long life series.

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Featured Products

Hollow Rotary Actuators DG II Series

Using the highly efficient and energy saving AR Series as the motor, high accuracy positioning is possible. Oriental Motor DG II Series Hollow Rotary Actuators Hollow shaft actuaotrs

Equipment tables and arms can be installed directly on the output table. In addition, the large-diameter hollow output table makes simple wiring and piping possible.



FLEX All-in-One Stepper Motor, Driver and Controller PKA Series.

FLEX products enable easy connection, easy control and reduce the complexity of system configuration.Oriental Motor FLEX PKA FLEX

- 0.72° Stepper Motor/Driver /Controller

- PLC, PC or Simple Control options

- Easy to Use, Simple Set up