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Gast logo Gast home page Gast Manufacturing, Inc. designs and manufactures quality air-moving products - vacuum pumps, compressors, air motors, gear motors, vacuum generators, regenerative blowers and Smart Air technology - to meet the many challenging applications of OEMs and end-users worldwide.

Compressors & Pumps

PistonGast Piston air compressors Piston

Gast Piston air compressors and vacuum pumps are built to withstand the most rugged operating conditions with corrosion-resistant materials used for critical internal parts. Ring design provides consistent flows throughout the service life of the unit. All models are oilless and come in motor-mounted or separate drive styles.

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Gast Rocking Piston pump Rocking Piston Rocking Piston - ROC-R©

The ROC-R rocking piston line combines piston pump durability with diaphragm pump efficiency, proven outstanding performance and flexibility. They are available in standard, twin, and miniature styles, make them the perfect choice for hundreds of applications.

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Gast Rotary Vane air compressors and vacuum pumps Rotary Vane Rotary Vane

Rotary Vane air compressors and vacuum pumps are used in thousands of applications worldwide. Available in oilless, lubricated, motor-mounted, and separate drive styles, they offer a wide choice of capabilities.

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Gast Diaphragm air compressors and vacuum pumps Diaphragm Diaphragm

Compact, quiet source of vacuum or pressure. Diaphragm air compressors and vacuum pumps, which come in standard, twin, and miniature styles. Plastic component construction on the miniature pumps makes them especially compact and lightweight...ideal for light-duty applications.

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Gast Regenerative Blowers Regenerative Blowers

The Gast full line of Regenerative Blowers for high volume vacuum or compressed air applications offers both motor-mounted and separate drive models. Several models are available with explosion proof motors for soil vapor extraction applications.

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Air and Gear Motors

Gast lubricated air motors lubricated air motors Lubricated Air Motors

Lubricated Air Motors are designed to thrive in harsher environments, as lubrication protects internal components and helps carry away smaller particulate which can evade filtration.

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Gast stainless steel air motors Stainless Steel Air Motors Stainless Steel Air Motors

Fully sealed and sanitary design, these corrosion resistant stainless steel Air Motors can be mounted in any plane with face or flange mounting options.

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Gast Non-lubricated air motors Non-lubricasted air motors Non-Lubricated Air Motors

No lubrication necessary for these corrosion resistant air-motors. Hub and foot mounting options available and units can be mounted in any plane.

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Gast gear motors gear motors Gear Motors

By integrating a lubricated Air Motor with an inline or right angle gearbox, the resulting Gear Motor creates greater torque and slower output speed.

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NEW 86/87R Series

download brochure Quietly Setting a New Standard
The NEW Gast 86/87R Series oil-less rocking piston compressors and vacuum pumps are quieter, more durable and fit virtually any application. The sleek, new 86/87R Series performs in ways not yet seen in the industry. The patented crossover chamber design regulates and controls airflow to dampen sound and optimize performance, while delivering a wide range of pressure level options.

The inherent design of rocking piston technology makes it the optimal choice for applications requiring high pressure or vacuum and air flow in a small package.  Because the 86/87R Series can easily retrofit into an existing footprint, it’s also a smart, flexible solution for a wide range of markets.

The flexible cup is made with superior materials and mounted on top of the connecting rod, creating vacuum or pressure while maintaining a tight seal against the cylinder walls in a rocking motion. The forgiving design has fewer components, causes less friction and has a low exhaust temperature, for greater reliability and durability for the life of the product. Despite its small size, the versatility of 86/87R means this is the right product to deliver quality air solutions.

86/87R Series Brochure

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Featured Products

Vacuum Pumps

For those vacuum applications where a regular vacuum pump may not be preferred, Gast Vacuum Generators provide an excellent alternative.  Gast vacuum pumps Gast vacuum pumps

Low cost, compact alternative to traditional vacuum pumps in single and mutli-stage designs.




Tank Units

Tanks systems that can be designed to make small Gast Tank Units Gast tank units pumps do big jobs are a natural extension of the Gast line.