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FreelinWade plastic tubing is an exact fit and they stock more than 4,000 sizes, colors and configurations of pneumatic hoses, flexible plastic tubing, polyurethane tubing, and nylon tubing. Their clear plastic tubing and hoses have worked great in numerous industries, especially in the dental and medical, food and beverage, robotics and electronic fields.

Pressure Measurement

Polyurethane tubing

Polyurethane tubing provides excellent flexibility, and resists the kinds of damage that can lead to dangerous leaks.

Ployurethane Tubing

nylon tubing Nylon Tubing

Tubing that won’t crack, corrode or degrade in chemicals is available from Freelin-Wade. Our catalog includes high pressure, super soft, coiled and D.O.T. nylon tubing. Nylon tubing is extremely versatile and is a smart choice for a wide range of applications.

Nylon Tubing

WIKA Temperature measurement Polyethylene Tubing

Along with PVC, Polyethylene is probably the most common flexible tubing. Polyethylene tubing is also referred to as PE and Poly tubing. Along with our Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) tubing, Freelin-Wade also offers more flexible product called Liquiflex. FDA Compliance For manufacturers in the food and beverage industry, FDA compliance is vitally important. Polyethylene tubing resists leakage, which in turn helps to prevent contamination. It is ideal for fluid handling, low-pressure applications.

Polyethylene Tubing

Mechanical Tempearture measurement PVC Tubing (Vinyl Tubing)

Poly-vinyl Chloride (PVC) is possibly the most versatile product from the chemical industry. It's used extensively in construction from siding, to wire insulation, to window frames to pipe. With the addition of a plasticizer, the compound becomes quite flexible and an excellent material for clear tubing. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, food and beverage manufacturers and medical device manufacturers all rely on PVC clear flexible tubing for its efficiency, cleanliness and longevity. Freelin-Wade's flexible PVC uses a non-DEHP, non-phthalate plasticizer. We pioneered the use of this bio-based and socially conscious material in the plastic tubing industry years ago.

PVC Tubing

WIKA Level Meaurement Coiled Tubing & Hoses

Coiled tubing and hoses are the right choice for a wide range of applications. At Freelin-Wade, our catalog includes a complete selection of coiled hoses and tubes. Coiled hoses feature reinforcement, which is a braided thread embedded in the walls of the hose, and reusable fittings. Coiled hoses are useful for a wide range of applications, including impact wrenches, air tools, blow guns and more. Unlike coiled hoses, tubing does not feature reinforcement or fittings. Choose tubing if you prefer to assemble a hose according to your own specifications, or if you need tubing for a large assembly. Use push-to-connect or standard fittings with coiled tubing.

Coiled Tubing & Hoses

WIKA Calibration Technology Specialty Plastic Tubing

WIKA offers a broad product spectrum of calibration instruments for the physical measured values of pressure and temperature, and for electrical measured values. A multitude of specific patents ensure unmatched performance characteristics with many of our calibration instruments. The range of services comprises the calibration of pressure and temperature measuring instruments in the WIKA-owned accredited DKD/DAkkS calibration laboratories and a mobile service to calibrate your instruments on site.

Specialty Plastic Tubing

WIKA Flow Elements Plastic Tubing Accessories

From hose cutters to tube gauges and marker clips, we have everything you need to cut, clip and channel your plastic tubing and rubber hoses.


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