Feiro logoBuilding

Automation Products

80/20 Allied Molded Products Eaton Animatics

80 20 aluminum extrusion

T-slotted Aluminum Extrusion 

Allied Molded Products Allied Molded

Nema 4X Fiberglass Enclosures and PVC Junction Boxes


VFDs, Contactors, PLCs, HMIs, Enclosed Controls, Relays and Timers


Animatics Animatics

SmartMotor™Integrated Servo Motors, Gearheads

Baldor Balluff Bishop Wisecarver Cognex

Baldor Baldor

AC Induction Motors, DC Motors, Servo Motors, Linear Servo Motors, Gear Motors


Linear Transducers, Inductive Proximity, Photo Electric, Laser Measurement, Capacitive Proximity 

BWC Bishop Wisecarver

Complete Actuated Linear Guidance Motion Systems,“Dual Vee”Motion Technology and Components, LoPro Linear Systems, Ball Screw, Lead Screw, Belt and Chain-driven

Cognex Cognex

Vision Sensors, Machine Vision Systems, Industrial ID readers

Dorner Fibox Enclosures GSM Idec

Dorner Dorner

Low Profile Conveyors

Fibox Enclosures Fibox

Polycarbonate and ABS Enclosures

GSM logo GS Motion

Guarding, Safety, Motion

Idec Idec

PLC’s, Operator Interfaces, Timers, Touch Screens, SmartRelays, “Ice-Cube” Relays and Sockets, Light Towers, DC Power Supplies, IEC Contactors

Mencom Murr Nabtesco Nook

Mencom Mencom

Cordsets, Cables, Junction Boxes, Valve Connectors, Cable Glands, Cordgrips

Murr Murr

DC Cordsets, Connectors, Junction Blocks, DC to DC Converters, Transformers, Interface Modules

Nabtesco Nabtesco

Precision Cycloidal Gearboxes, Hollow-shaft Gear Heads, Single-axis Servo-Actuators and Drives

Nook Nook INdustries

Rolled and Precision-ground Ball Screws, ACME Lead Screws, Twin Lead Screws, Linear Bearings, Round Shafting, Jack Screws

NSK Omron Optex Oriental Motor


Precision-ground Ball Screws, Precision-rolled Ball Screws, Direct Drive Servo Motors, Linear Bearings, Linear Actuators

Omron Omron

PLCs, HMIs, VFDs, Servos and Drives, Relays, Power Supplies, Sensors, Temp Controllers, Encoders, Timers, Push Buttons, Barcode Readers, Industrial Computers, RFID

Optex logo Optex

Miniature, compact and fiber optic sensing solutions

Oriental Motor Oriental Motor

Stepper, AC/Synchronous, Brushless DC, AC Induction Motors, Microstepping Drives, Closed-loop Step Systems, AC/DC Cooling Fans

Panasonic Parker Automation PHD PLus Robotiq

Panasoinc Panasoinc

PLC’s, Servo Motors and Drives, Touch Screens, Text Displays, Sensors, Counters, Variable Frequency Drives, & Tempeature Control

Parker Parker Automation

Visualtization, Machine and Motion Control Systems, Drives & Drive Controllers, Rotary & Linear Motors, Gearheads, Gearmotors, Positioners


Electric Cylinders, linear actuators, slides, gantry and grippers


Robotic Grippers

Saginaw Enclosures Schneider Electric STI Sunx

Saginaw Saginaw Enclosures

Metal Nema-rated Enclosures

Schnieder Schneider Electric

IMS, MDrive Stepper Motors with Integrated Motor and Electronics, Stepper Motor Drivers and Controllers, Stepper Motors,Linear Actuators, Speed Controllers


Machine Safeguarding Solutions, Light Curtains, Safety Mats, Safety Bumpers, Safety Relays, Area Scanners

Sunx logo Sunx

Fiber Optics, Photo Electrics, Inductive Proximity, Laser Measurement, Pressure Sensors, safety light curtains

Thomson Tolomatic Trio Motion Swivellink

Thomson Thomson

Linear Bearings, Round Shafting, Profile Rail, Positioning Tables, Rod Actuators, Ball Screws

Tolomatic Tolomatic

Electric Linear Actuators, Electric Cylinders, Rodless Electro-Mechanical Actuators, Electric Rod Actuators,Pneumatic Actuators

Tri Motion

Multi-axis Motion Controllers, PCI Motion Controllers, Ethernet, Sercos, Profibus, Modbus, CanOpen


End Effector Arms and Mounting Hardware

Universal Robots Yamaha Robotics Yaskawa ZeroMax  

User friendly 6 axis industrial robotic arms

Yamaha Yamaha Robotics

Ball Screw slides, Cartesian Robots, SCARA Robots, Linear Motor Slides, Controllers 

Yaskawa Yaskawa

Variable Frequency Drives

ZeroMax ZeroMax

ServoClass Couplings, Roh’linx™ Linear Actuators, Schmidt Couplings, Right-angle Crown Drives



High-precision Planetary Gearheads,Worm Gear Drives, Index Tables, High-precision Servo Gear Motors