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Fiero Fluid Power, 80/20 modular T-slotted aluminum framing system , The industrial erector set 80/20 home page 80/20, known as "The Industrial Erector Set"©, is a modular T -slotted aluminum framing system offered in both inch and metric profiles. It offers extremely cost-efficient solutions to building machine frames, guards, work stations, retrofit projects and more... basically anything ... and we do it all right here at Fiero Fluid Power!  We maintain extensive product inventories and provide in-house services including in-depth CAD support and building complete value-added assemblies.

80/20’s modularity is based upon the T-slot concept of our profiles. The "T" shaped slots present on all of our profiles allow for infinite positioning along the axis. While there are other types of T-slotted profiles in the industry, one modification to the 80/20 line is a slight adjustment to the " T" which creates the 2° Drop-Lock Feature. When a fastener is tightened to (or beyond) the necessary torque, the flange will flex up to the adjoining profile, thus creating pressure which prevents the fasteners from vibrating loose.

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Some of the Benefits of 80/20 Framing Products:

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